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Enriching Lives

Each new moment contains within it the opportunity to create and experience the life we desire, including:
  • Healing of the body, mind, spirit or relationships
  • Experiencing the beauty, joy, love and peace you desire
  • Finding and fulfilling your life purpose
  • Living the ever evolving life of your dreams

Erik shares his gifts and creates experiences to assist you in accomplishing what you desire!


Global Healing Circles represent beautiful opportunities to assist people in achieving the healing they desire in any aspects of their lives. The in-person Circles also include the opportunity to ask and receive answers to any questions that are important to you.


Erik began hosting the in-person Global Healing Circles 5 years ago, and added remote Global Healing Circles in 2015 to allow people throughout the world to participate from wherever they are.


They are currently offered twice a month as follows:
     * The 1st and 3rd Sundays of each month
     * 9:00 to 10:00 am central time
     * All are welcome to participate at NO cost
     * You are welcome to invite guests to participate too

For remote Global Healing Circles, we encourage people to:
     * Find a quiet, comfortable place where they can lay down
     * Settle in and focus on your breath a few minutes early
     * Set an intention of whatever you desire if you wish, or just be
        open to whatever comes if you prefer
     * Know that the love, light and healing you desire is coming to you
        throughout the hour we're sharing (our connection is
        energetic, not electronic)
     * Join us as often as you wish to achieve all that you desire

Global Healing Circles are life changing experiences; please feel free to 
click here to learn more about these Circles on this website, click here to visit the GlobalHealingCircles.com website.

Should you have an interest in setting up an in-person Global Healing Circle or weekend of events wherever in the world you are, please send an e-mail to Erik at the link below.

The ability to experience whatever we desire exists within us all.  A Spirited Place is a name through which Erik Swenson offers healing, life coaching, creation workshop and public speaking services to assist us in reconnecting to the Divine Spirited Place within us, and creating and experiencing whatever it is that we desire.

Contact Erik to set up an in-person Global Healing Circle, Personalized Healing or Life Coaching Experience, Creation Workshop or Speaking event at:
or via e-mail at:


Erik provides Healing, Life Coaching, Interactive Workshops and Love and Light focused Public Speaking events and services at ever expanding places throughout the world.  
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