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About Erik

"The teacher's teacher"

Erik is a gifted healer, speaker, and program/workshop leader that assists people in better understanding who they are, and empowering them to create and experience the life of their dreams. He is warm, genuine, passionate about sharing love and light with the world, and cares deploy for all exactly as they are.

His fluid, engaging speaking style make most any topic enjoyable to listen to, the  perspectives he shares are insightful and life changing, and his focus always includes clear, simplistic  articulation of the topics and perspectives so that people can continue to integrate them into their lives as they wish long after the experience they shared is complete.

Erik is an especially powerful healer, he has established profound healing success beginning 23 years ago, and the healing he shares continue to expand seemingly each new day.  Whether in person or remote, from a headache to cancer and more, Erik's abilities are profound, and his delivery and manner is as gentle, respectful and enjoyable as can be.

Life coaching is another area Erik excels at, and he assist people in achieving that which they desire in virtually any aspect of their life.  He is outcome oriented, and clients often find only 1 or 2 sessions are necessary to achieve the goals they desire.

Per Erik:
  • I deeply treasure, enjoy and love my life,  I view each new day as a blessing and a gift, and I see and feel beauty and awesomeness in each and every human being.  The close alignment I feel with our Creator leads to an unwavering faith and unconditional love that is the primary determinant in how I choose to view my life, and to share the love and light and joy of this current earthly with others.
  • The healing and life coaching services I provide represent an integration of the passion I have for myself and others to live the most beautiful and joyful life experience possible, as well as my growing awareness in recent years of the direct role each of us plays in the manner in which our lives unfold.

Sample highlights of Erik's multi-faceted background include:
  • Being deeply dedicated to and intimately involved in the church world for decades of my life
  • Running a highly successful church youth group for over 16 years, with 10 additional years in a supporting role
  • Being a father of two beloved sons, now ages 28 and 24, and especially proud to have a daughter in law and a granddaughter to share my love and life with as well
  • Coaching both of my sons soccer teams from age 5 through high school
  • Being formerly married for over 17 years
  • A 30+ year successful business practice
  • Hundreds of speaking engagements, workshops and discussion groups throughout the last 30 years with topics ranging from virtually all aspects of life to challenges to personal growth to faith to manifesting change in our lives and more,
  • Education and programming I've completed directly related to the Healing, Life Coaching, and Spiritual aspects of my life journey include (in the order in which programs were taken):
    • Certified Reiki Practitioner
    • Spiritual Mastery Program Graduate
    • Advanced Spiritual Mastery Program Graduate
    • Self Coaching Program Graduate
    • Certified Life Coach
    • Certified Reconnective Healing® Levels I & II Practitioner
    • Certified Reconnective Healing®/ The Reconnection® Practitioner
    • Founder and Co-Creator of Total Multidimensional Release (TMR) Healing®
In addition to the formal education, I am aware of and deeply rely on a strong, ever growing intuitiveness that helps me navigate my pathway, and assists me in sharing helpful guidance and insights in important aspects of others lives as well.

Contact Erik if you or someone you know could: benefit from:
  • Assistance in living the lives they desire
  • Any healing of the mind, body or spirit
  • Being reintroduced to the beauty and joy and light that you are
  • Interactive group coaching presentations that will knock your socks off

Contact Erik to set up a Global Healing Circle, Individual Healing or Life Coaching Session, Creation Workshop or Speaking event at:

or send him an e-mail at:  erik@aspiritedplace.com


Notes and disclaimer:
  • Each healing session is unique, and neither Erik Swenson, Quantum Solutions, Inc., make any claims, promises or guarantees of specific results, nor are we diagnosing or treating specific health challenges.
  •  YOU are is solely responsible for seeking and continuing whatever medical care you believe to be appropriate for you.

Erik provides Healing, Life Coaching, Interactive Workshops and Love and Light focused Public Speaking events and services at ever expanding places throughout the world.  
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