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Life Coaching Services

Includes Personal, Manifestation, Business,  Spiritual and Dream Coaching Services

by Erik Swenson

Life Changing Coaching is Available to You

Each new day of life represents an opportunity for us to live the lives we choose to live, to become the people we choose to be, to experience the joy, love and happiness we desire along the way, and to plant seeds of an even better life for tomorrow.

The Coaching Services I provide are intended to assist people in achieving whatever they wish to experience in their lives.  Period.  Without exception.

While the path we take varies for each different person, and often for each different aspect of life they seek to experience differently, ingredients for success commonly include:

  • Defining aspects from the past that continue to keep us from that which we now desire
  • Healing from and letting go of these aspects us to allow people to experience the love and lives we desire going forward
  • Gaining progressively greater clarity about what it is we wish to experience differently
  • Defining action steps to facilitate and integrate the changes we desire in our lives
  • Erik being available as a resource to assist as life changes continue to unfold over time

A simplified summary of the primary areas in which I provide Life Coaching Services I provide includes (please note they are often combined to achieve the life each client desires):

Life Coaching-  Assist clients in achieving a greater harmony between aspects of their lives they are experiencing, and the alternative aspects they would prefer to be experiencing.  Sample topics include relationships with spouses, family, friends, co-workers, or others, career or issues, letting go of issues or relationships from the past, current life challenges, and more.

Manifestation Coaching-  We are co-creators of the lives we live, and I specialize in assisting people in creating the lives they desire!  Love, peace, joy, happiness, wealth and more- it's all within our reach, and it's up to us to create it. 

Spiritual Coaching-  Intended to assist clients in finding meaning in life, reflecting upon who it is they seek to be, what it is they seek to experience, and providing guidance to assist them in living in a manner consistent with their heartfelt, soulful purpose in life.

Business Coaching-  Includes people who have gotten lost in their businesses, or are not experiencing the balance they desire between their work and personal worlds, accomplishing greater success in their business, or developing personalized business coaching strategies to facilitate a transition from one career to another.

Dream Coaching-  There are no limits to what we can be, do or experience in our lives.  The intent of Dream Coaching is to open the door to the endless possibilities that exist within each of us, and to assist, guide and walk with you to help make them all come true:)!!!

All of the varying versions of Life Coaching Services are currently being offered at a discounted rate of
$123 per one hour session.  They can be provided in person in my Milwaukee, Wisconsin (USA) area place of practice, or remote with people throughout the world.  Each individual is responsible for determining the number of sessions that are appropriate for them.

Contact Erik to set up a Global Healing Circle, Individual Healing or Life Coaching Session, Creation Workshop or Speaking event at:
or via e-mail at:

Notes and disclaimer:
  • Each healing session is unique, and neither Erik Swenson, Quantum Solutions, Inc., make any claims, promises or guarantees of specific results, nor are we diagnosing or treating specific health challenges.
  •  YOU are is solely responsible for seeking and continuing whatever medical care you believe to be appropriate for you.

Erik provides Healing, Life Coaching, Interactive Workshops and Love and Light focused Public Speaking events and services at ever expanding places throughout the world.  

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