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Personal Healing Services
by Erik Swenson

Personal Healing Services

I assist all who choose to heal who ask for my assistance, regardless of what they choose to heal from, or where they are located.

My formal healing training began with
training in 1990.

The healing I share today is rooted in 
Reiki and Reconnective Healing® healing practices, and has been largely influenced and exponentially expanded by the teachings, studies, experiences and soulful connections I've experienced in my extensive travels to places with deep spiritual and indigenous histories the past 8 years of my life.

From the states of Wisconsin, Washington, California, Arizona, Colorado Hawaii and New Mexico, to countries that include Canada, the inner mountain and coastal regions of Mexico, Belize, Haiti, Brazil and Peru, I have been richly blessed to witness, feel and experience people and energies and love beyond any I believe could be taught in a formal environment.

These experiences have included a wide range of interactions, spiritual experiences, healing and/or other programming with people and lands of Aztec, Incan, and Mayan histories and origins, and other indigenous cultures and people.  They have also included witnessing and experiencing the healings of John of God, and a wide range of other practitioners sharing gifts rooted in alternative healing practices. 

The net result of my training, ever expanding experiences, and the unconditional love in which I choose to exist has consistently resulted in beautiful, loving, energetically powerful, and often life changing healing experiences uniquely tailored to the specific needs of each of the people who I've been blessed to share healing experiences with.

 Sessions are generally complete in under an hour, and often include the chance to talk for a few minutes following each session.  Each person is responsible for determining the number of sessions that are appropriate to them.  

I am currently offering Personal Healing Sessions at a discounted cost of $123 per session at my place of practice in Wisconsin, USA, or remote with people anywhere in the world.  I will also consider traveling the globe to share these services, with the full cost of all expenses and reasonable compensation for my time paid in advance of such remote healing experiences.

Contact Erik to set up a Global Healing Circle, Individual Healing Session, Creation Workshop or Speaking event at:
or via e-mail at:

Notes and disclaimer:
  • Each healing session is unique, and neither Erik Swenson, Quantum Solutions, Inc., make any claims, promises or guarantees of specific results, nor are we diagnosing or treating specific health challenges.
  •  YOU are is solely responsible for seeking and continuing whatever medical care you believe to be appropriate for you.

Erik provides Healing, Life Coaching, Interactive Workshops and Love and Light focused Public Speaking events and services at ever expanding places throughout the world.     
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