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Presentation and Playshop Experiences

by Erik Swenson

Magical Group Experiences

Erik's passion for living life and sharing joy in the most loving and beautiful ways possible come alive in the presentations and playshops he presents.

Erik is a vibrant speaker that reaches into the hearts of all who hear him speak, yet provides wonderfully balanced practical and logical insights to assist in reaching each person in the manner that is the easiest and most helpful for them to comprehend.

A sampling of the customized presentations, playshops and services he has created in the past include:

  • Live Your Dream experiences
  • Group Life Coaching Events
  • "Spirituality in the Work Place" Continuing Education programing for Health Care Professionals
  • Group Healing programming events
  • Religion and Spirituality integration, presentation and discussion group opportunities
  • "The Secret" from the Christianity Perspective
  • Corporate and Team Leadership events
  • Group Discussion and Reflection programming

Each program or event Erik leads or speaks at is customized to the specific topic he and the representative from each group discuss.

If you're looking for a speaker to assist in lighting or brightening the light inside, Erik's genuine care, charm, linguistic gifts, playful humor, and intuitive insights will undoubtedly assist in accomplishing all that you desire and more.  

Contact Erik to set up a Global Healing Circle, Individual Healing or Life Coaching Session, Creation Workshop or Speaking event at:

or reach him via e-mail at:  erik@aspiritedplace.com


Notes and disclaimer:
  • Each healing session is unique, and neither Erik Swenson, Quantum Solutions, Inc., make any claims, promises or guarantees of specific results, nor are we diagnosing or treating specific health challenges.
  •  YOU are is solely responsible for seeking and continuing whatever medical care you believe to be appropriate for you.

Erik provides Healing, Life Coaching, Interactive Workshops and Love and Light focused Public Speaking events and services at ever expanding places throughout the world.  
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