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Global Healing Circles

The Global Healing Circle Experience

Global Healing Circles are beautiful and powerful love and light based group healing experiences provided to assist people in experiencing the healing of the mind, body, spirit or relationship they desire, and creating new aspects of their lives they desire to experience.

Erik began sharing the Circles in 2012 in person, and sharing them remotely in 2015 for people throughout the world to participate in
from wherever in the world they are.

The in-person and remote Global Healing Circles include the opportunity for people to experience:
  • A quiet reflection in which people experience profound peace, relaxation, love and inner connection
  • An environment in which Erik shares deepest love and light, and invites Angels, Archangels, spiritual guides, ancestors, our higher selves and all in non-physical form who love us dearly to assist each of us in experiencing what is best for each individual
  • The chance for us to quiet our minds and open our hearts to receive the blessed and joyous gifts that await us all as we find alignment within ourselves
  • The chance for us to connect ever more closely with the Divine that exists within us all
  • Clarity relative to aspects of our lives that were previously unclear

The in-person Global Healing Circles also include:

  • Erik beginning each session with a message from Spirit 
  • A Q&A session in which participants are invited to ask questions that are important to the healing(s) and/or what they desire to create in their lives
  • The formation of a circular hand holding connection with all of the participants following the Q&A
  • The leader(s) share a gently guided meditation to lead us through the healing aspect of the event
  • When the meditation and healing aspect is complete, we invite people to share as they wish, and to gently allow their energy to rebalance before returning home.

All are welcome to participate in Global Healing Circles regardless of their religious or spiritual beliefs or practices.  

After the Circles:
It is always important to take the best care possible of yourself, including following the Global Healing Circle events.

Participants are encouraged to make sure they are comfortable and alert as they leave the event, and all are welcome to ask for any assistance they desire before they depart.  

We also believe it behooves us all to integrate habits into our lives that include drinking clean water, getting good rest, 
eating lighter, nourishing foods, enjoying physical moment and stretches, and getting lots of fresh air.  

How long do they take? 
Remote Circles are currently schedule to be 1 hour each.
In-person Global Healing Circles are generally scheduled for 2 1/2 - 3 hours to allow participants to ask the questions they desire (
in addition to time for meals if scheduled accordingly).

Can other Healing Practitioners assist? 
We believe all people to be healers, and all are welcome to participate and assist.

Is there a cost to participate in a Global Healing Circle?
There is not a cost to participate in the remote Circles.
The cost to participate in the in-person Circles varies depending on the event.

The Love and Light of Global Healing Circles

Global Healing Circles have consistently provided participants with life changing experiences. Whether healing, releasing or creating anew, participants consistently reflect they are beautiful experiences that bring greater joy and love and light into their lives.

It is a blessing to share these events with ever more beautiful and precious people throughout the world, and we look forward to YOUR assistance in creating one or more where you live!

Contact Erik to set up a Global Healing Circle, Individual Healing or Life Coaching Session, Creation Workshop or Speaking event at:
or via e-mail at:


Notes and disclaimer:
  • Each healing session is unique, and neither Erik Swenson, Quantum Solutions, Inc., make any claims, promises or guarantees of specific results, nor are we diagnosing or treating specific health challenges.
  •  YOU are is solely responsible for seeking and continuing whatever medical care you believe to be appropriate for you.

Erik provides Healing, Life Coaching, Interactive Workshops and Love and Light focused Public Speaking events and services at ever expanding places throughout the world.  
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